April 2015

“Running Down the Road”

Newsletter from Dana Forrester Automotive Art, 26th Edition, April 2015

After organizing the 2014 NCRS National Convention last year, I thought my world would slow down a little bit this year. That isn’t the case. I’ve been every bit as busy as last year only the focus has changed.My year started again by exhibiting at Barrett-Jackson in January, this time showing nine days instead of the usual seven or eight, making it a 15-day trip including travel time. Then this year the First Quarter Board Meeting for the National Corvette Museum was moved forward into January so the meeting could be held at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Race. After traveling to Arizona for 15 days, I had two full days at home before flying to Orlando and driving to Daytona for the meeting. Our board meetings took place in a suite overlooking the back straight, and after our meetings we had full access to the racing facility. To our enjoyment, Corvette-badged cars won six of the first eight places, including the Pratt & Miller team winning the GTLM Class.

February and March are traditionally months when I get a lot of painting done. I’m still taking quite a few commission orders as well as completing paintings I want to create. In Scottsdale I debuted several new works. “April of ’65” features two rows of new 1965 Corvettes at a Hendrick Chevrolet dealership. “White Falstaff” shows a white Corvette Stingray parked next to a wall sign advertising Falstaff Beer, the Choicest Product of the Brewer’s Art. Falstaff sponsored the Saturday Game of the Week with host Dizzy Dean, and I found an old ad showing “The Old Pro” character Falstaff used in its ads. ”First Off the Trailer” is this year’s Shelby piece, featuring an historic factory Shelby GT350 racer after being unloaded from the trailer at a track in Texas. “The Black Stinger” is the sequel in reverse to “The Red Stinger,” showing the hood of a Red 1967 427 Corvette with its contrasting hood design. “Jazz at the Uptown” features the historic Uptown Theater in Kansas City, still open as a performance venue.

My newest work continues to celebrate the Seventh Generation of Corvette as well as the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 model year Corvette. I selected a Laguna Blue C7 Coupe and parked it next to a contrasting blue and orange wall advertising King Midas Flour. I photographed this wall twenty years ago in Madison, Wisconsin, and think its colors enhance the blue Corvette, and vice versa. Giclée prints of “Riding with the King” are available in all sizes on paper, canvas and Vinyl Banner.

"Riding with the King"

“Riding with the King”

“Living on the Edge” shows my lust for what I hope is my next Corvette. Velocity Yellow is a particularly forceful color for Corvette’s 2015 Z06 model. The extra wide body fenders and aggressive grill as well as the expanded vent gills make this car a visual extravaganza. I took several photographs last year and settled on a very low point of view to make this car seem even meaner. Since yellow is a contrasting color with purple or violet, I chose to use those colors together. I painted small amounts of purple for the Grapette signs and covered them partially with a sign advertising “See the USA in your Chevrolet,” noting that its jingle on television was sung by Dinah Shore. Notice two drink cans in the painting, a red one on the ground and a new can of Red Bull in the window. The signs are on the wall of Eddie’s 40 Hiway Tavern, a seemingly sleazy-sounding location. Giclée prints are available in all sizes on paper and canvas and as a Vinyl Banner.

"Living on the Edge"

“Living on the Edge”

I grew up in Kirksville, Missouri, in the 50’s and 60’s when the local teen hangout was Pete’s Candyland. It had a complete Soda Fountain with table and chairs, a magazine rack, all kinds of candy, and the first Pinball Machine that I ever played. I never became a Pinball Wizard, but I enjoyed the soda fountain menu that included real Cherry Coke, Banana Splits, Cherry Phosphates, and the legendary “Helen Special.” Aah, the peanuts, bananas and fudge! I’m not sure when Pete’s Candyland closed, probably during my college years, but recently I found a photo of Pete’s on a Kirksville Memories website and decided it was time for another tribute to my youth. I actually changed the angle of view from one side to the other and included two 1965 Corvette convertibles at the curb. Pete’s window shows one of the tables in the window as well as the old brass cash register and a Pinball Machine like the one in my studio. Pete’s menu is on the wall, too. I’m surprised at how much I remembered about Pete’s, but the photo really brought back the scale of the place. This image is also available in Giclée prints in all sizes on paper and canvas and as a Vinyl Banner.

"Pete's Candyland"

“Pete’s Candyland”

Currently I’m working on the Official Art for this summer’s NCRS Convention in Denver. I’m parking a black 1965 Convertible at the curb in front of the historic Buckhorn Exchange, Denver’s oldest Saloon and Steakhouse, opened in 1893. I’m also working on the Official Art for the 25th Anniversary of the Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend. Cruising the Main Street of Eureka is always cool, and I’m using the entrance of the historic Basin Park Hotel and the uphill street in front as a back drop for three Corvettes going either up or down the hill, a white C7 Z06 convertible, a black 1962, and my 1965 396 Coupe, the “Silver Bullet.” I plan to create Giclée prints in all sizes on paper and canvas and as a Vinyl Banner.

I’ll be exhibiting at three upcoming events: the Barrett-Jackson Auction in West Palm Beach April 17-19, the National Corvette Museum Bash April 23-25 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and the Brookside Art Annual May 1-3 in Kansas City. If you’re going to any of those events, stop by my display and say hello.

** Listed here are the four sizes and prices for all of my Giclée Prints. You may order these from my secure storefront website at www.danaforrester.com or by calling the studio line at 816-478-0427.