June 2011

June 2011 “Running Down The Road”

Newsletter from Dana Forrester Automotive Art, 11th Edition, June, 2011

Spring has absolutely flown past and I’m stunned it’s June already. Most of us experienced a cold and wet season, and flooding from the Missouri River is on the top of the news here. This month bring a vacation to Key West, taking our son Adam and daughter Allison and her husband as a reward for finally receiving their college degrees–in the same month. Key West is a favorite spot for us, and a week in a southern latitude is just what I need. Our grandson, Paxton, is over seven months now and is staying with his other grandparents.

In March I made the proposal of the Kansas City and St. Louis NCRS Chapters in an application for the 2014 NCRS National Convention. This was at the NCRS Board of Director’s Meeting, and our application was approved! That does mean some extra work in the next few years, but the location we’ve secured promises to be the best facility the Convention has had. I’ll try to keep everyone updated of the major features of this event.

In April I exhibited again at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in West Palm Beach, Florida. That event continues to grow, and this year the auction company dropped the No Reserve requirement for cars over $50,000. Weather was great and my travel assistant, Carl Ballinger, and I tasted terrific seafood in St. Augustine (Matanzas Inlet Grill), Jensen Beach (Conchy Joe’s), Miami Beach (Joe’s Stone Crab), and West Palm (Bimini Twist). All of that, and I even lost about 20 pounds before my next event, the NCRS Joplin Regional.

I’ve attended and helped with the organization of the NCRS Regional in Joplin, Missouri, since it started in 1988. We didn’t have an event there from 2002 until this year, so the resurrection of the event at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center was a long time coming. Dozens of past attendees lined up for Registration on Thursday morning with an electricity I’d not seen in a long while. Everyone was excited about this reunion event. I even took my 1965 Corvette for Flight Judging and achieved my sought after Top Flight Award! Many thanks to my restorer and friend, Carl French of Midwest Corvettes and Classics, for exceptional preparation work on the car. The chassis only lost 18 points in the judging. Event attendees voiced great approval of the event and wanted to learn of the next one! That will tentatively be in 2015.

Most of you know what happened in Joplin two weeks after our Regional. We were so fortunate to have not picked the weekend of the Great Joplin Tornado, although all of the Corvettes would’ve been gone at the time on Sunday the storm ravaged the town. I’ve spoken with numerous people who have viewed the devastation, and we all feel so bad for the population of Joplin. Over 140 people died, over 2,000 homes were destroyed, and over 500 business were wiped out. The Convention Center of our Regional was about two blocks south of the storm’s path.

The sponsoring NCRS Chapters of Kansas City, St. Louis, and Oklahoma have pooled our resources and donated $5000 from the proceeds of our event to the Joplin Recovery Fund of the American Red Cross. Numerous individual attendees have donated thousands of dollars as well, and anyone wanting to donate may do so by contacting my studio. You may mail any donations to The Joplin Relief Fund of the American Red Cross, Attn: Janet Conley, 211 West Armour Blvd., Kansas City, MO, 64111 (816-841-5252 direct). The check should be payable to the American Red Cross.Our local Kansas City news continues to report the outpouring of charity and assistance to the survivors of the country’s worst single Tornado Disaster in history. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the response of the true AMERICA.

I have new art. A little. “Cooksey’s Legacy” features the 2008 Crystal Red Corvette that bears Wil Cooksey’s signature inside the console of the 427 Limited Edition Z06. Since Wil retired after being the 15-year Plant Manager of the Corvette Assembly Plant, I thought it fitting that I park his Corvette outside one of the entrances of that building. I’ve had endless requests to create a painting of this special Corvette series, and at this time the original watercolor is still available for $4500. The Limited Edition Giclée Print Series is available as well, in four sizes on paper and two sizes on canvas. If you know the sequence number of your Edition, I can match the print with your Corvette number.

Cooksey's Legacy
“Cooksey’s Legacy”

I’ve begun a new Special Event project for Major Event Art. This year, I made a proposal to 20 participants of 1961 Corvettes (for the 50th Anniversary of that model year) to create the Official Art for that Celebration at the NCRS Convention using their Corvette. It was a first come, first served project and I was contacted immediately by three owners from those 20 letters to buy the original painting. I’ve completed the painting titled “Nine Miles from Milford” which shows the owner’s white 1961 Fuel Injected Corvette. That image will be created into a series of banners up to 14′ x 24′ for the Convention. The Milford Proving Grounds advertised on the brick wall behind the car is one of the main features of the 2011 NCRS Convention. 10% of the price was donated to the NCRS Foundation in the name of the owner.

nine miles to milford
“Nine Miles to Milford”

I’m currently working on the next in the 1961 series of paintings, this one for the similar 50th Anniversary celebration at Corvettes at Carlisle in August. This time the owner of a Fawn Beige and White Fuel Injected Corvette was the first to respond, and we’ve decided to create the background of the Carlisle Diner behind the Corvette, in an attempt to tie the Corvette to the Carlisle area in Pennsylvania. The early drawings look really strong, and I’m more excited about the outcome of this painting every day. 10% of the price of the painting will be donated to the Chip Miller Foundation in the owner’s name. The Limited Edition Prints will be available at Corvettes at Carlisle and on my website, and a series of banners will be created by the event to help identify the tent housing the 1961 cars. I’m planning to creating similar projects for other events in the future.

I’ve done a series of new Commissioned works of art as well. At the time of the March Newsletter, I’d just completed a painting entitled “Tommy’s,” featuring a Venetian Red 1956 (or 1957) parked at a Los Angeles Hamburger stand named Tommy’s. It is available as a print series on paper and canvas. Since March I’ve created a drag race work featuring the owner’s 1969 COPO Camaro racing a Sox and Martin Cuda. These two cars raced at the York US 30 Dragstrip in Pennsylvania in 1970. The owner of the painting is the original owner of the Camaro and just had it restored, so a Commissioned Painting was the perfect celebration. “Super Stock Nationals” is available as a Limited Edition Print Series on paper and canvas. I also painted a Red 1989 Corvette beside a wall advertising Sweet Sisters Sweets. I’m currently working on a painting with a group of six Corvettes, one of each generation, in front of a brick wall sign, and a Daytona Blue 1963 Coupe.


Super Stock Nationals
“Super Stock Nationals”

I am also finished with the Preliminary Drawing for a vertical painting of a C6 being unloaded from a transport. A vinyl roll up banner will be hung over the roll up garage door in the Corvette Museum’s Exhibition Hall. If you’re interested in having your Corvette used as the model for this painting, contact me quickly. If you commit to buying the original painting, I will paint the Corvette as your car. 10% of the sale price will be donated to the National Corvette Museum in your name. I can easily change the convertible to a coupe, Z06, or ZR1. Hurry, or the original will be gone.