May 2009

May 2009 “Running Down The Road”

Newsletter from Dana Forrester Automotive Art, 3rd Edition, May, 2009

Dana and “Stingers”

Welcome to the Third Edition of my Email newsletter. Sadly, the Second Edition didn’t reach but about 20% of my mail list because of confusing malfunctions. Some received it four times, and for that my apologies. Hopefully, this issue will transmit correctly.

The calendar finally says it’s spring, but the weather doesn’t always agree. I recently returned from the C5/C6 Birthday Bash at the National Corvette Museum, an event I attend annually. This year the Museum opened most of its new addition, and I have to voice my amazement. I had followed the construction on their series of web cams and expected it to be great, but the results exceeded my expectations! Photographs can’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to see it yourself. Of course, one of the items at which I was amazed was my image of “Stingers” on the 11′ x 21′ wall inside the Library & Archives. I’ve enclosed a photo of me in front of the wall to give an idea of the scale. The black Corvette is almost actual size and the angle of the brick wall creates a feeling that the wall of the room is further away than it really is. I’ve also placed one of the larger framed prints on the wall nearby to help direct viewers to the Corvette Store where prints of the image are being sold. You can still order prints of “Stingers” from me in all four sizes. Contact me if you would like one larger than my standard largest print of 26″ x 40.”

Also at the National Corvette Museum, the Chevrolet Corvette unveiled the new 2010 Grand Sport Option. This is designed to take the Z51 Package of drilled rotors and suspension and add a design package. That package includes the wide fender well body of the Z06 and ZR1 and a vented gill treatment behind the front wheels. It also has a chrome badge stating “Grand Sport” complete with a red “G” and “S” similar to the 1996 Grand Sport series. The Grand Sport also has specific new wheels available in three finishes — chrome, polished, and darkened. Wide Hash Mark graphics are an option and can be installed in three colors. Grand Sports will be available only for Coupe and Convertible. The Design Team also launched the two versions of the GT1 Edition Corvette, available in Velocity Yellow and Black, each with stripe graphics over the hood (complete with a hologram of the race team mascot, Jake). The GT1 is available in Coupe and Z06. A Blade Silver Competition Sport Edition was also debuted with graphics striping over the top.

My trip to the West Palm Beach Barrett-Jackson Auction in April was very successful, and I debuted several watercolors I had worked on over the winter months. The first shown below is a tribute to the 2008 Indy 500 Pace Car. “Westside Pace Cars” features both the Coupe and Convertible in front of a wall sign featuring a Bardahl ad complete with a vintage Indy Race Car. The reflections on the convertible are some my best, showing a lot of the reds from the wall and blues from the sky above. The original is still available at $4500 and Giclée prints are in all four sizes ranging from $100 unframed to $500 unframed. Of course, framing is available on all sizes, but I can only ship the two smaller sizes. Larger ones can be picked up at any of my shows or in my studio.
“Westside Pace Cars”

A second new image is titled “California Dream” and displays a Red C6 Convertible sitting next to a wall advertising Tours of Napa Valley’s Finest Vineyards. This is a fictional wall similar to one in another painting shown below titled “Vintage Classics.” I’ve been intrigued by the history of the Napa Vineyards and was inspired by a recent movie titled “Bottle Shock” about a Napa Winery’s winning of awards in French competitions which put them on the wine map. Judy and I haven’t been to Napa, but it’s high on our list of places to go. This original is still available at $4500, and the Giclée prints are available in all four sizes, framed or unframed.

“California Dream”

A third new image is titled “Bazooka Z06” and reflects a hometown newsstand in Kirksville, Missouri. Rinehart’s sold everything imaginable in print — especially newspapers and paperbacks, all kinds of tobacco products and papers, candy, and used records. I used to buy my baseball cards, Sgt. Rock Comics, and Bazooka Bubble Gum there, and it left a lasting image in my memory. I just had to celebrate that portion of my childhood. Again, the original is still available at $4500, and the Giclée prints are available in all four sizes.

“Bazooka Z06”

“Vintage Classics” is my Euro version of “California Dream.” I chose a Mercedes 300SL Roadster as the perfect car to park beside the wall advertisement for the Tour of Napa Valley’s Vineyards. The colors of this wall ad vary from the colors in “California Dream” because of the color of the car. When speaking recently at a Mercedes Club, members emphatically emphasized that the color of this Mercedes should be Silver. I’m planning a sequel to this painting of a similar Gull Wing Mercedes, this time parked at the door of a wine shop I photographed in St. Emilion in the Bordeaux region of France. The original watercolor is still available at $4500, and in all four sizes of the Giclée Print Series.

“Vintage Classics”

The final new image I want to introduce is titled “You Light Up My Life.” The title repeats the statement on the wall behind the Cyber Gray ZR1. The owner of the car who commissioned me to paint this watercolor wanted the ad on the wall to reflect his electrical business along with his slogan. He wanted an angle similar to the car in “Blue Devil” because of the reflections of the painted surface. This print has been extremely popular somewhat because of the car’s color, and there are a lot of ZR1s painted Cyber Gray.

“You Light Up My Life”

In the studio I’m currently working on several commissioned paintings and a few of my own. I’m painting a large 26″ x 40″ painting of eight collector Oldsmobiles beside a brick building with an Oldmobile emblem on the wall. Along with that piece, I’m creating a painting of a 1972 Yellow Baldwin Motion Moray GT Corvette sitting in front of the Motion Headquarters in New York. This a terrific extreme-design car and will make a tremendous painting. Other projects include a Fund Raiser for Coaches Vs. Cancer featuring a 1967 Corvette, a special 1973 Porsche 911, my first street scene from last year’s trip to Paris (perhaps one of my best paintings EVER), and a huge brick wall of a former landmark Kansas City wall sign featuring a Reebok basketball Player dunking a basketball.

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