November 2009

Nov. 09 “Running Down The Road”

Newsletter from Dana Forrester Automotive Art, 4th Edition, November, 2009

I haven’t sent an edition of “Running Down the Road” in a while, mainly because of my busy travel schedule during the warmer months. It’s really been a pretty good year despite the “recession,” and I have a good number of custom projects underway. I’ve just published and mailed my fall catalog to thousands of fans on my mailing list, so if you don’t receive one, contact me and we’ll be happy to mail one to you. Or you can check my website:

I just returned from exhibiting at the SEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. It’s amazing the number of historic cars as well as concept and show cars there. On the way, I made a delivery to an Arizona friend who suggested that I drive his Jetstream Blue ZR1—what a tremendous Corvette! The performance was everything I dreamed it would be, and the leather appointed interior just topped it off! This was a year that also saw me driving another friend’s Ford GT while in Florida. What an impressive machine! I can’t believe Ford would not still be building this Supercar. The braking and handling really stood out.

A few things I didn’t touch upon in the newsletter portion of my recent catalog (Down at the Crossroads) are answers to questions I often receive about different types of my art.

Remarques: Many ask if I create custom Remarques on my Limited Edition Prints. Yes, I do and usually I draw and paint in watercolor the corresponding nose emblem of the car in the center margin below the print, along with a personal comment and my full signature. This makes the print a little more personal for the collector. It usually adds about a week longer to the shipping time and adds $100 to the cost of the print.

Remarque examples

Artist’s Proofs: I’ve always had a number of collectors who prefer an Artist’s Proof over a Limited Edition Print. Prints are numbered and limited in number in the edition, and so are Artist’s Proofs. Traditionally, AP’s are the first approved images pulled from the press plates, so their quality was deemed higher than later prints. With today’s technology, however, the quality remains the same for both Proofs and Prints, but many collectors want the best they can buy. Artist’s Proofs of the Lithos are limited in number to 40, and in Giclée Prints I limit them to 10 per image regardless of size. Litho Proofs are $120, and Giclée Proofs are double the normal Print price.

Canvas Prints: I was surprised to see how good my images look as Canvas Giclée Prints. I had avoided trying my images on canvas, fearing they wouldn’t look appropriate, but I was thrilled with the new product. I first tried “Stingers” on canvas but now offer any print image on canvas. They are printed with the same Giclée process as my prints on paper, then stretched over custom made walnut canvas stretchers. They have a black edge on them so framing may not be necessary, and many prefer to hang them without a frame. Unframed prices and sizes are as follows:

11” x 17”—$225
20” x 24”—$300
26” x 40”—$600
40” x 53”—$900

Custom Wallpaper: Since the National Corvette Museum installed my “Stingers” image on an 11’ x 25’ wall in their new Library and Archives, I’ve been offering my images in Limited Edition on Custom Wallpaper in a similar size. If you would like to install one or more of my images on a garage wall, take measurements of the wall and call for an estimate. These images convert well to the larger size, and everyone so far has been very pleased with the results. These look awesome.

Bob Tyer’s copy of “The Drop”

Tees and Sweats: I’ve printed a limited edition series of Tees and Sweats with my new signature logo, the phrase “Automotive Fine Art,” and five vignettes of my collage series. This year they’re all printed on Black Tees and Sweats, but next year’s design may be on another color. They’re available now and limited in number to 100 copies each for both tees and sweatshirts. Tees are $20 and Sweats are $40, and both are on high quality shirts.

Dana’s Signature Logo design

“Breakfast in Paris” is the first of a series of paintings from our travels to France and the 24 Hours of LeMans. I took dozens of interesting photos of Paris cafes and wine shops in St. Emilion and am very excited about this series. Don’t worry — I’m not giving up my Corvette series. In this image I love the long shadows, the patrons seated at tables for breakfast, the scattered chairs, and the lady walking her dog. Available in all four Giclée sizes on paper or canvas, this is a great image to hang inside the home, not just in the garage.

“Breakfast in Paris”

“Three Layers” harkens back to my pre-automotive days and is a study of three levels of signage painted over one another on a wall recently demolished in Kansas City. A Scotsman complete with bagpipes and kilts is hiding to the right of the Reebok basketball player. Another sign hiding is a Granger Twist Plug Tobacco sign over a soft drink. I’ve loved the abstraction created by ghost images for years, and this is the style of painting I created 25 years ago. It is available in all four Giclée sizes on paper or canvas.

“Three Layers”

“First Night in Paris” is the second in my Wine Series. Judy and I and friends Kent and Debi Miller traveled to Paris and LeMans in 2008. The first evening we purchased some great French wine, drank some, and lined up the bottles, some corks, and a baguette and took several photos. I’m really pleased with the reflections on the tabletop, and this proves to be as popular as “Call Me a Cab.”

“First Night in Paris”

If you have any questions about any of the above topics, don’t hesitate to call my studio. And don’t forget to visit my website at Since I prefer my business to be more personal, however, it isn’t possible to order directly from the web site. I enjoy speaking directly to customers and taking orders on the phone. Thank you, my friends.

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